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Stop Pests From Invading Your Savannah Home

When you start seeing ants crawling through your kitchen or spiders building webs in the corners of your house, you may not think it’s that big of a deal. However, pest infestations can cause serious problems for homeowners. Even pests that don’t directly damage your home or spread illness to your family can become a problem when their populations grow, like attracting more dangerous pests into your house. The best way to protect your home and family is to get professional pest control from Pestmaster® Services of Savannah.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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We begin our home pest control process with a free inspection of your house. By focusing on common “hot spots” for pests, such as behind appliances and under sinks, we can gain an understanding of your current pest pressures as we walk through your home.

A Customized Approach

After gathering this information, we’ll sit down with you to develop a customized pest control plan that meets your specific needs. By going through this process together, we can make sure that we address all of your concerns, and you can make sure we’re providing the service you expect.

During your initial treatment, we’ll go through the interior of your home, placing monitors and treating the areas of concern. Outside, we’ll remove cobwebs and apply a treatment around the entire exterior perimeter of your foundation. The products we use will be dependent on your home’s specific pest pressures.

After your initial treatment, we’ll return every quarter to re-treat and maintain a continuous barrier of protection around your house.


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In addition to inspecting your home for signs of pest activity, we also take this time to sit down with you and develop a pest control plan that meets your specific needs and concerns.

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Treating the hot spots inside your house, as well as treating around the exterior perimeter, ensures that your pest problems are eliminated entirely and prevented in the future.

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Pestmaster® Services of Savannah offers a follow-up service in which we return to your home quarterly to maintain your pest control treatments and make sure that your house remains pest-free.

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Our Additional Pest Control Services

In addition to our general pest control plan, we offer several other residential pest control options. Certain pests require specific treatments in order to eliminate them.

We offer the following pest-specific services:

For more information about a specific service, feel free to visit each page, or reach out to us.

Protecting Your Family From Pest Problems

When pests get into your home, you need the help of professionals who know what they’re doing and can help you feel comfortable throughout the pest control process. At Pestmaster® Services of Savannah, we walk with our customers through the process, developing a plan that addresses your home’s particular pest problems to make sure the job is done well. If you need pest control services, contact us to schedule a free inspection.