If there's one pest that inspires instant loathing for Savannah homeowners, it's rodents. Whether it's a rat or a mouse, the feeling is the same because we all know they aren't cute like the movies like to pretend. Instead, they represent many problems that can spin out of control if left unchecked for too long.

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Before we get into the problems rodents bring, we first need to establish the differences between mice and rats. These differences include but aren't limited to:

  • Mice: The smaller of the two, this rodent is known for its grey coloring, rounded fur-covered body, large round ears, and long thin tail. Fortunately, they only grow up to four inches long.
  • Rats: Much larger, this rodent grows up to 16 inches long and possesses larger jaws and smaller ears than mice possess. Plus, they are usually brown or black with a thick and scaly tail.

Keep in mind that it's extremely rare to experience both types of rodent at the same time. Only in cases of an abundance of food can you expect both to invade your Savannah home concurrently. In fact, rats are so territorial they have been known to kill mice and the two stay away from each other as much as possible.

Why Rodents Are A Problem

 Whether it's a mouse or a rat, the end result is the same. Your property will suffer damage, and it will cost more than you want to spend to fix if it's left alone too long. It's true their claws leave behind scratches along various surfaces, but the real problem is their need to chew.
Their teeth never stop growing, which means they can't help needing to gnaw and chew on everything they come across. As such, holes in the wall, chewed wires, and other forms of property damage are all too common with a rodent infestation in your Savannah home.
Property damage is bad enough, but rodents are also known to spread a range of diseases and illnesses to people due to the pathogens they carry plus their travel habits. Some common illnesses to look out for include but aren't limited to tularemia, bubonic plague, rat-bite fever, and salmonella.
Besides the diseases rodents possess, they're also carriers of fleas thus opening up a bunch of other illnesses and diseases to be concerned about. It also doesn't help that a rodent's urine and droppings can make people sick even if they don't come in direct contact.

Just Say No To DIY

It may be tempting to take the fight to the rodents upon discovering an infestation, but it's time and money wasted if you do. While there are plenty of popular options available ranging from traps to poison and more, they only work on an individual basis. This is a problem for two reasons.
The first reason is their reproductive rates. Mice and rats reproduce rapidly, which means it's always dozens of them, not just a small handful that you're fighting. The second reason individual methods don't work is their intelligence. They can tell when something is dangerous for them. In the event one rodent gets caught, the remaining ones can learn from the dead one's mistake.

Rodent Control With Pestmaster® Services

Between the threat to your health and the lack of effective DIY methods, the safest way to handle a rodent infestation is to trust in the professionals. At Pestmaster® Services, we work tirelessly to deliver unmatched rodent control solutions that work now and keep you protected in the future.
Do you need complete and effective rodent control? Then call our team at Pestmaster® Services or go online to schedule your free inspection and start getting what you need in your rodent control services.

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