Perception does not define reality, but it does make up a considerable amount of what we perceive to be real. In the case of termites, there are many things property owners believe that often determine how they go about handling these invasive pests. To make sure your knowledge of termites is sound, here are six myths commonly believed by Savannah property owners, and the truth behind each.

Termites on a path in savannah home

Termite Myth Number One: Termites serve no purpose

Termites in Savannah are destructive pests and nothing more, right? Wrong. It is a termite’s destructive nature that makes them so beneficial. Outside of our human-built structures in nature, termites help break down dead and decaying trees, plant growth, and other cellulose-based organisms. Without these tiny insects, our forests would be filled with fallen trees, rotting stumps, and piles of decaying sticks.

Termite Myth Number Two: Wood outside your property will keep termites satisfied outdoors

Termites are not appeased by offerings of food. No matter how much firewood, wood-based mulch, or wet cardboard you leave out in your yard, these pests will never be satisfied. They will only expand and grow their colonies until there are enough termites to consume the tasty treats around your yard and the structural wood of your property.

Termite Myth Number Three: Termites can chew through concrete

It is not uncommon to find termites inside a property that is built high up on a concrete foundation. This makes property owners assume that these invasive pests must be able to chew through concrete, but that is simply not true. The only material termites can chew through is wood or wood-based materials that are softened by water damage or decay. What these pests will do is find openings inside the exterior foundation of a structure and build mud tubes to stay moist as they make the climb upwards.

Termite Myth Number Four: You would know if your property was infested with termites

You would know if termites were chewing their way through your property, right? Unfortunately, termites are not an easily identifiable pest. Unlike ants, centipedes, and flies, termites will make every effort to stay out of sight when around a property. They do this by chewing deep into structural wood and staying deep underground when not inside. It is only during a select few months of the year that termites can be seen, and that is when colonies produce swarmers. These winged reproductive termites are described as white-winged ants and are a clear sign that your property is at risk.

Termite Myth Number Five: You can get rid of termites on your own

Now that you know a bit more about termites, it might be easier to understand why these pests are so difficult to treat. Just being unable to see them alone makes finding a reliable elimination strategy difficult. The only way to be sure your property is properly protected against these invasive and destructive insects is to partner with a professional pest control provider.

Termite Myth Number Six: Removing termites is expensive

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