How much do you really know about bed bugs? Many people that live here in Savannah do not have a clear idea of what these pests do, how dangerous they are, and how they get into homes. If you would like to learn more about invasive bed bugs and how they cause problems for locals, here are some common myths about bed bugs in Savannah you may have heard and the truth behind them.

a bed bug crawling on the bed

Myth: Bed bugs are too small to see.

It is easy to wonder: are bed bugs visible? When these pests invade area homes they do a great job at staying out of sight. It is usually only at night when you are fast asleep that bed bugs crawl out of their hiding places to feed. As for what do bed bugs look like, these small insects are about the size of an apple seed, have a shield-shaped body, and are reddish-brown. When full with a blood meal, a bed bug can bloat up to five times its usual size and take on a brighter red coloration.

Myth: Bed bugs live outdoors.

Although bed bugs can survive for short periods outdoors, these pests are not built to live out in the elements for long. Most often, bed bugs reside inside homes and businesses and use unique strategies to always stay near humans.

Myth: Bed bugs are fast.

A common misconception about bed bugs is that they are speedy. In truth, these pests are about as slow as insects come. They do not fly or jump. They use their stubby legs to crawl from place to place. Can bed bugs climb walls? Absolutely. These invasive bugs are capable of climbing up most surfaces and have no trouble getting onto beds or into other sleeping areas to feed.

Myth: Bed bugs spread disease.

This myth is only partially false. Can bed bugs carry disease? Yes. Do they spread disease in Savanah? No. The only recorded disease that bed bugs may carry is Chagas disease which is mostly a problem south of our border and is easily treatable in the states. 

Myth: Bed bug bites are the best way to identify bed bugs.

If you see red bite marks on your skin running in a straight line or a zig-zag pattern, you can assume that they are there because of bed bugs. The problem with using bites to identify these pests, however, is that not everyone has visible symptoms. Some people only feel the physical effects of bites like an itchy sensation. Others have no reaction at all. If you suspect your home is infested, look for other signs besides bites, signs such as bloodstains, fecal droppings, shed skins, and bed bug eggs.

Myth: Bed bug infestations are easy to treat.

Bed bugs are among the most difficult pests to remove from homes. When faced with danger, they hide in hard-to-reach places. If they need to stay hidden, they can do so, sometimes for over a year without needing a blood meal. To make sure the bed bugs inside your home do not reemerge after you treat them, hire the pest control experts at Pestmaster® Services. We offer detailed bed bug control options to identify and eliminate these invasive and problematic pests. We will send one of our highly-trained technicians your way to inspect your home using advanced bed bug control techniques and we will implement effective bed bug control services to get these pests out fast.

Call today to learn more about our comprehensive bed bug control services and find a time to have your Savannah home inspected for these harmful and annoying pests.

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