Savannah is one of the best vacation spots on the East coast, and us residents take pride in our city. The history, scenery, and entertainment all combine to make it a great place to visit, and a great place to live. Unfortunately, the cockroaches agree with that sentiment. While these frustrating and invasive pests might make your skin crawl when you see them around the house, they’re actually causing a lot more harm than you realize.

cockroach crawling on wood

Cockroaches Or Contaminants?

The different kinds of cockroaches in the area all have a few common characteristics. First of all, their tough outer shell, which is typically dark brown or dark red in color, is not only strong, but flexible too. This allows cockroaches to flatten and squeeze themselves through small cracks and crevices throughout your home. It also makes them very difficult to squash. Since cockroaches can squeeze through most cracks around your house, they’re very hard to capture, and even more difficult to keep out.

To make matters worse, roaches will invade your home in large numbers. You might only see one at a time, because they all share an aversion to light and human interaction. However, witnessing one roach, especially during the daytime, is a pretty solid indication that you could have a lot more within your walls.

Another disturbing characteristic that all roaches share is their ability to make humans very sick. As they move around, they actually secrete pathogens that will cause an allergic reaction in many adults and children. Plus, since they prefer to inhabit places like sewers and landfills, they’re known carriers of bacteria. As they scour your home for food, they’ll end up tracking these bacteria all over the place, including your food-preparation areas. This puts you at risk of incurring dangerous diseases like salmonella or E. coli.

Proper Prevention Procedures

Let’s get one thing straight: roaches are some of the most talented home invaders on the planet. That’s why they’re such a common pest that plague homeowners throughout the world. Thinking you can do something on your own to keep all roaches out of your house, especially in a place like Savannah, would be pretty naïve.

However, there are some things that can create a less attractive environment for roaches within your walls. If they don’t think your home will be a suitable living environment, then they’ll move to the next property. Here are five ways to reduce factors that attract roaches:

  1. Clean up the clutter: roaches are very comfortable moving around in homes that provide a lot of hiding spots. By keeping your home organized and clutter-free, you’ll intimidate roaches, and discourage further infestation.

  2. Store your food and trash correctly: make sure roaches cannot squeeze into your trash can, or your food storage containers. The best food storage practices include plastic containers with tightly secured lids.

  3. Address your moisture issues: in Savannah, every home will have some moisture buildup. You can limit this attraction to roaches by using a dehumidifier in your crawl spaces, and monitoring your pipes for leaks.

  4. Clean regularly: since roaches can live off of just a crumb or two per day, you cannot clean your home enough. Wipe down counters and tables to limit crumbs, and make sure to mop or vacuum the floors afterwards.

  5. Identify easy access points: if you seal up any cracks and crevices around the foundation, you’ll discourage easy entry. Roaches are just looking for an easily accessible food source, so making it difficult to get in might prompt them to go away.

Now, these tips can help, but we cannot put our guarantee behind them. In fact, there is no form of DIY pest control that is actually guaranteed to work. If you truly want to keep your home and family safe, you’ll have to trust the pros. Contact Pestmaster® Services - Savannah, GA for the best form of cockroach control in the area.

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